Returns Policy



We anticipate that the purchases our customers make will meet their expectations of quality, function and design. If, however, a customer should require an exchange or credit note (gift voucher), they must retain their sales receipt and present it if required.

Exchange or Refund is required

A customer can seek a refund under certain circumstances, commonly referred to as the right to repair, replacement or refund. Cases in which a refund would be in order include those where the goods:

  • Has a fault the customer could not have known about at the time of purchase.
  • Does not work in the way the customer was lead to believe it would work.
  • Does not match the sample that they were shown.

You may offer to repair, exchange or provide a credit note/gift voucher for the goods subject to the agreement of the customer. If the goods are not repairable, you may be able to replace or refund the item. Some warranties are for replacement and not repair; for example, some electrical hand tool companies choose to have a replacement policy instead of repair. However, the customer does have a right to insist on a refund.

Therefore, we exchange or refund merchandise if the customer presents their receipt or Credit Card or EFTPOS voucher in any of the above circumstances.

You are legally entitled to offer to exchange the goods, or provide the customer with a gift voucher. However, in the above situations, if a customer is totally dissatisfied with the exchange option, a refund should be given in the form of payment that was initially tendered, as shown by their register receipt.

No Exchange or Refund Required

There is no legal responsibility to exchange or refund when:

  • Customers have simply changed their minds about the goods
  • Goods were damaged after the customer bought them. However, where goods are damaged because of a fault that was in the goods when they were purchased, an exchange or refund is in order as described above.
  • A customer has no proof of purchase, i.e. the customer does not have his/her receipt. In this situation we will only exchange/refund where authorisation from the store manager and/or Ricondi rep is obtained, and:
  • If the customer requests a refund, the refund should be given in the form of a gift voucher.
  • If the customer does not have a receipt but you know that the merchandise was bought from Ricondi, an exchange or refund (in the form of a gift voucher) transaction can be undertaken.
  • Without a receipt, customers must accept the price of the item on the day it is returned to Ricondi.
  • Customers know, or should reasonably have known, about any faults when they bought the goods: for example, as seconds.